Pierre Haessig, PhD student in Electrical Engineering

Pierre Haessig, PhD student in RennesI am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering in Rennes, France. Sponsored by EDF R&D, the biggest French electric utility, I work at SATIE, the electrical engineering lab of ENS Cachan.

The focus of my research is on Electricity Storage related to Wind Power generation. That is, the energy storage is used to mitigate the inherent variability in electricity production due to wind speed fluctuations.

Curriculum Vitae

 Previous Research activities

Before starting PhD on electricity storage, I did research on Real-time Power Electronics Simulation. This work is now carried on by Typhoon HIL, Inc., a company which produces Hardware-In-the-Loop emulators of power electronics hardware, with a simulation timestep of 1 μs or less. More details on Typhoon HIL products page.